2015 – 2016 Spotlights


Camp Happy Days Donor Spotlights

Chip Roberts
Kickin’ Chicken Inc.

Chip has been a long time board member. He is a generous donor and sponsor for the Gala, Holiday Giving and special projects. His partners, Bobby Perry and David Miller, and staff at Kickin’ Chicken are incredible volunteers and supporters.

“There is nothing like seeing the joy and excitement on the kids faces, during any event, especially at camp, when they are able to forget their troubles and embrace moments of just being normal kids. All of them are truly courageous and heroic in their fight, and maintain tremendous positive attitudes while doing so. Camp Happy Days is a worthy cause, and I will continue to support Camp Happy Days’ inĀ assisting the families affected by pediatric cancer.”

Peter and Anna Stonefield
APECS Aerospace Corporation

Peter is a board member and has been a wonderful sponsor for our Gala & Cabooty Party, Bed Race and Corks for Kids. He and Anna are so supportive of our programs and events.

“We have been blessed with three healthy boys and we feel it is important to give back to the community. Camp Happy Days hit a chord in my heart when I first met them and here we are.”

Dr. Madelene and Dr. Dan Lewis
Britton and Asher Lewis
MUSC Department of Radiology

Madelene has been a board member for five years years and has chaired our Development Committee very successfully and chaired and co-chaired the Gala – Cabooty Party for two years. She took our Gala to new levels of success. Her two sons Britton and Asher have been the youngest members of the Happy Campers Club which starts at $500 donations. They each have raised funds to belong in this giving club.

“I initially became involved with Camp Happy Days because of their amazing work helping children diagnosed with cancer. I had no idea how personally rewarding my involvement would be for myself and my entire family. I will always remember my first trip to camp and seeing the profound impact my dollars and time were having on so many precious children. The kids were truly happy and having fun with other children facing similar challenges. I soon realized Camp Happy Days is so much more than just a camp. The services and support provided year around to these children and families is critical in their journey battling cancer. I cannot think of a more important cause or a better organization to give my time and money. I am proud to be a part of the Camp Happy Days family.”

Jamie Westendorff
Charleston Outdoor Catering

Jamie (also known as “Rooster”) has been on our board for 25 plus years and has been an incredible volunteer, donor and supporter! He is the chef at Camp, Family Weekend, the Happy Campers Club, the Holiday Parade, the Family Reunion and Volunteer Appreciation dinner and so much more!

“I give because my father and grandfather were philanthropists and even though they didn’t have a lot, they were rich in good spirit from giving. I figured I could to benefit from that too.”

Annual Report October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016