• We are here to provide programs, resources and support to families with a child battling cancer. View our programs page to see more details.
  • We have programs designed just for the child battling cancer to connect with others.
  • We can set up appointments to do art projects, play games or bring food to you while you are in the hospital. Contact Meghan at meghan@camphappydays.com for details.
  • We have various opportunities for siblings to connect with others.
  • We provide resources for financial assistance during tough times. Contact Meghan at meghan@camphappydays.com for details.
  • We can help you connect with other families in your area who have a child in treatment or is a cancer survivor so no one fights alone.
  • We offer free programs to all participants who are a part of Camp Happy Days. Contact¬†Iain at iain@camphappydays.com¬†to get enrolled today.
  • And much more…Contact us for more information!

Children with cancer must face the challenge of battling their disease during their most prominent years of developing friendships and social skills. During their first few years of treatment, children typically spend most of their time in isolation. Camp Happy Days offers a safe haven for kids with cancer with opportunities to develop friendships with other children and families who are fighting the same battle. Throughout the year, Camp Happy Days provides hope and a chance for kids to be themselves and try new things that they may not otherwise get to experience due to their illness or financial limitations. The kids get a chance to have fun and to just be kids.