Camp Happy Days’ mission is to offer support and encouragement to all children in South Carolina who are diagnosed with cancer and
their families by providing cost free year-round programs, special events and access to financial resources.

These children are our Super Heroes and we are always inspired by them. Purchase a super hero book to be delivered to a child in the hospital!

“A super hero is very humble with his power and hides his identity. Superheroes are invincible and super, super strong.”
Keith, 11
“A super hero never quits. Be yourself no matter what people say.”
Emma Grace, 7
“A super hero saves people and helps them…and they fly and eat donuts.”
Gia, 5
“A super hero is someone who remains strong through all battles.”
Trinity, 14
“A super hero has to have super strength. They always save the day.”
Emily, 5
“A super hero has strength and courage. No matter what, they never give up.”
Conor, 10
“I want to smash cancer like the Hulk!”
Jayden, 8
“A super hero goes above and beyond what a normal person would and can do. They are heroic.”
Elizabeth, 17
“A super hero is someone who will fight for what they believe in. True fearlessness and bravery is what makes a super hero.”
Torie, 17
“Super heroes are super!!”
Lincoln, 2