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Charleston homes, churches, gardens, and more serve as your backdrop as you answer trivia questions to guide yourself from one stop to the next via the text-based trivia hunt app. These hunts combine the fun of a scavenger hunt, the challenge of trivia, and flexibility of a self-guided walking tour of Charleston.

Begin in the heart of downtown near Charleston’s open-air City Market. Start whenever it is convenient and pause any time for a break or a bite to eat. Tour trivia questions are sent directly to your phone, so you control the pace of the adventure. Use your GPS, favorite search engine, or simply the gift of observation to help you get from one stop to the next. Don’t worry, the trivia questions are multiple choice to help you along the way.

Two Charleston trivia hunts to choose from:

One hour trivia hunt: $12
Covers slightly less than one mile and stays close to the open-air market while exploring some of Charleston’s most interesting landmarks in the downtown historic commercial district.

Two hour trivia hunt: $18
Covers approximately two miles. This hunt heads south through the downtown residential district to the battery and back towards the open air market.

 How to sign up:

Text the word EXPLORE to the number 843-940-8882 to sign up for a hunt right from your phone. Your first clue will be texted to your cell as soon as you sign up!

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