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Exciting Change is Happening...

933 Dupont Road, Suite B, Charleston, SC 29407

If you have any questions please contact us at (843) 571-4336.

But it’s not all that’s changing: We’re transforming the scope of how we can support kids with cancer and their families. We could only do this by expanding into a larger, more flexible facility.

We’re more than excited. We’re ready. Ready to offer the kinds of activities and services that were impossible in our old space. Summer camp will still be our signature program and life-changing event. We already offer 16 different age-specific social and educational programs throughout the year, but we were limited by where we could hold them and how often. Now, we can significantly expand what we can provide.

We dreamed of having the space to offer on-site programs and give families a respite, away from the hospital—the kind of inviting, consistently available multiuse place that our recently completed strategic plan confirmed as what our families want and need.


"Camp Happy Days has given me a family that will always be there for me" 

- Cierra June,

Camper, Counselor, and Cancer Survivor

New Facilities, New Opportunities 

In this 4,500 square foot building, we’ll be able to offer activities such as play and art therapy, yoga, team-building exercises, overnight lock-ins, drop-in sessions with staff, pre-teen and teen clubs, movie nights and so much more.

The location is just waiting to be re-imagined as a safe and engaging play space. We will continue to hold creative programs and activities, like Teen and Family Weekends and our Holiday Festival, in special places but 933 Dupont Road will be our year-round center.

Your Help is Essential

Camp Happy Days serves children with cancer and their families across South Carolina through more than a dozen cost-free, year-round recreational and therapeutic programs. Our goal is to improve the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of the entire family facing pediatric cancer.

Items from our wish list make our programs and services possible. They supply our summer camp, weekends and overnights, and in-office programs. With your help, we can serve more than 650 families that include a child with cancer each year.

If you have any questions please contact us at (843) 571-4336 or visit us at

Thank you for being a champion for kids with cancer!
Donate to our new home, 933 Dupont Road: 

You can be part of this transformational effort by donating to help us create a place where children and families can escape the stress of dealing with this devastating disease.

It will be a place where kids play, learn and make new friends–and where families share their questions and concerns. It will be a haven where we can provide the best programs, in the best location, as we carefully tailor our efforts to the needs of our families.

Please join our fundraising effort.

"These are children who have to miss so much of normal childhood, and the week of camp provides them a chance to simply be a child again" 

- Dr. Michelle Hudspeth,

Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology, MUSC


"The day when one of the staff members from Camp Happy Days came into my office was one of the best days of my life. Who knew that one agency could be so important to my patients?" 

- Tiombe Plair,

MUSC Medical Social Worker


"Cancer is lonely and scary and million other awful things, but Camp Happy Days gives our family an opportunity to escape and have fun and build memories outside of the hospital" 

- Amy Eacho, parent

Thank You to supporters of the 933 Campaign!
  • Family Lounge Sponsored by The Kennedy-Herterich Foundation

  • Lobby Sponsored by John and Sandy Powers in Honor of Ray and Joanne Jones, Phyllis Powers, and Dr. Richard Powers

  • Executive Director’s Office Sponsored By Brittany and Blake Westbrook

  • Development Office Sponsored by Rosemary and Dan LaVista

  • Arts and Crafts Zone Sponsored by Priscilla Holtzclaw in Honor of Dee Bee Wright

  • Cliff’s Computer Corner Sponsored by The Beilke Family in Honor of Cliff Beilke

  • Kickin’ Kitchen Sponsored by Chip Roberts

  • Family Garden Sponsored in Memory of James and Karen Madory

  • Club House Sponsored by The Williford Family in Memory of Terrell Y. Jackson

Campaign Donors: 

Peter A. Stonefield / APECS Aerospace

Allan Cabading

Charleston Branch Pilots Association

Alison and William DeLoache

LoElla Smalls

Becky Stallworth

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