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What Cancer Takes Away, Camp Happy Days Gives Back

Until there's a
Camp Happy Days!

What cancer takes away, Camp Happy Days helps give back - The chance to just be a kid again. Our kids learn to overcome adversity
& emerge stronger and more self-assured - and have fun doing it.

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Two girls raising their arms up with joy

"Just typing this up is bringing tears to my eyes. A huge thank you to each and every one of the staff and volunteers who made our kids' first (family) camp experience so amazing. We didn't really know what to expect and everyone's kindness, the new experiences gained from ALL the programming (that slip and slide though!!!), and the food (we're still stuffed!) led to memories that will last a lifetime for our family."



Boy with his hand up and family behind him

"They have a chance to be around a whole community "like them" where other children understand the fears and worries that they face.  For many children, going back to school and their friends is very scary after feeling so different during cancer treatment. Camp builds their confidence and allows them to rejoin their communities and thrive.”

Dr. Michelle Hudspeth


Girl feeding a goat

"Just a quick note of thanks to Camp Happy Days and the entire staff for being a source of support for
my son. He absolutely LOVED his Christmas presents!!!! I haven’t seen him smile like this in over a year since his diagnosis. Please know how grateful and humbled we are for what you all do for families
such as ours."



Volunteer embracing a camper

"I continue to volunteer with CHD because I really believe in the work they do to serve kids with cancer and their families. I know that no one fights childhood cancer alone and I love the way that CHD supports these families both through Camp and throughout the year - these kids and this cause have my heart!"

Erin Hynd


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