Celebrating 40 Years of Camp

Until there's a
Camp Happy Days!

What cancer takes away, Camp Happy Days helps give back - The chance to just be a kid again. Our kids learn to overcome adversity
& emerge stronger and more self-assured - and have fun doing it.

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"Our entire family enjoy the CHD outings because it is a reminder that just because of our situation there are other families out there that handle the same strife that we do, it does not have to be a sad experience throughout the process. Something that is very easily forgotten when you have a child going through cancer treatments."

The Mitchell Family


On Camp: "The incredible amount of planning, fundraising, time, extra COVID protocols, and effort is not lost on us... and all for the sole purpose of allowing our kids a week of unbelievable bliss with kids and adults who get what they've been through/continue to go through."

The LaBelle Family


"The Camp Happy Days organization has become family to us over the years. They’ve surrounded us in love and so much joy and allowed the kids to be just that. Our first ever outing with them was at the Bee City Zoo shortly after Elia’s diagnosis."



"I continue to volunteer with CHD because I really believe in the work they do to serve kids with cancer and their families. I know that no one fights childhood cancer alone and I love the way that CHD supports these families both through Camp and throughout the year - these kids and this cause have my heart!"

Erin Hynd


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