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Family Weekend

A weekend designed for Camp Happy Days families where they have the opportunity to connect, learn, share, and experience the magic of camp together.

Family tubing

Family Financial Assistance

To ease the financial strain that pediatric cancer puts on families, Camp Happy Days provides financial assistance to qualifiying families to assist with bills, groceries, gas and other everyday needs.

"My family has also utilized CHD financial assistance, even after K has been in remission. It can be extremely hard to ask for help when you are going through treatments, it can be even harder once your child is remission. Once you get past the “hump” of remission, it’s easy to think that it is easy sailing for your child and family. And, in some incidents it is. However, the doctor’s visits don’t slow down, the pains that your child have don’t stop, there is an aftermath of things that you get hit with after the first few years of remission. We know without a shadow of a doubt, that if we need CHD they will be there."

-CHD Mom

Check out our full programs calendar for January - July 2023

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