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Serving children with
cancer and their family across South Carolina.



Camp Happy Days’ mission is to offer support and encouragement to children diagnosed with cancer and their families by providing cost free year-round programs, special events and access to crisis resources.  Our goal is to improve the physical, emotional and psychological health of the entire family facing pediatric cancer.



Since 1982, CHD has been providing children affected by pediatric cancer the opportunity to feel normal and participate in activities that they otherwise could not. Children with cancer and their siblings learn new skills, develop relationships, face challenges and overcome fears giving them a new sense of confidence and self-esteem.


Our programs are designed to include different ages and cater to the abilities of children batting cancer and their families. The relationships formed through camp and year-round programs provide these children with a priceless experience and support to take with them on the journey ahead.


Children with well-developed social and emotional skills are more likely to have higher self-esteem and lead happy, productive lives. By focusing our programs around team-building, social inclusion and emotional and physical support, we can improve the overall health of children battling cancer in South Carolina.

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Camp Happy Days served 2208 children (including siblings) in FY2022 with over 100 different events and programs that are held year-round.


*This number is double the number of children served from the previous year.

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